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The Raymond Georis Prize for Innovative Philanthropy in Europe was established by The Mercator Fund to reward an individual, organisation, foundation or project which has conceived and implemented an outstanding and innovative philanthropic programme in Europe.

It is anticipated that the project will have a high impact result and will express a strong belief in the role of Europe and European values in philanthropy. The Prize Ceremony is to take place every year at the European Foundation Centre's General Assembly.

2012 Georis Prize recipient - Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

Belfast, Friday 8 June 2012 - Today in Belfast, the 2012 Raymond Georis Prize for Innovative Philanthropy was awarded to the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust. The Prize was given at the 23rd Annual General Assembly and Conference of the European Foundation Centre (EFC) entitled "Peace through Social Justice - a Role for Foundations?"

Jane Francis, Director of Policy Development for the Mercator Fund, said that “the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust’s work to generate peace, political equality and social justice exemplifies the contribution that philanthropy and civil society can play in shaping the social and political landscape.” The Prize was accepted on behalf of the Trust by the Trust Secretary, Stephen Pittam.

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> 2012 Recipient: The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

> 2011 Recipient: Dr Bassma Kodmani, Executive Director of the Arab Reform Initiative

> 2010 Recipient: Mr Mo Ibrahim, Founder of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation

> 2009 Recipient: Ms Guler Sabanci, President of the Sabanci Foundation

> 2008 Recipient: Mr Diego Hidalgo Schnur, founder of the Fundaciòn para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Diàlogo Exterior (FRIDE)

> 2007 Recipient: Mr Ray Murphy, senior adviser with the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

> 2006 Recipient: Ms Kristina Persson, Founder of the Swedish Stiftelsen Frejas fund

> 2005 Recipient: Mr Aly Mawji, Resident Representative in Afghanistan for the Aga Khan Development Network

> 2004 Recipient: Ms. Avila Kilmurray, Director of the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland


To achieve its aim of promoting innovative philanthropy, the Mercator Fund has developed ICOS, an independent international organisation providing local solutions to tackle new global challenges. Through an innovative combination of research, analysis and project implementation, ICOS examines the root causes of current challenges to achieve measurable and direct results.

Working from regional centres in Afghanistan, Brazil, India, the UAE and the United Kingdom, ICOS offers cutting edge social technology to help organisations across the globe reach their goals.

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